Human Rights Day 2016

Posted on: 12.08.2016 in interact

December 10 is International Human Rights Day! Created by the United Nations in 1950, it’s a day to recognize the Declaration of Human Rights “as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.”

The message of the 2016 initiative is simple: Stand up for someone’s rights today!

Channel One is celebrating Human Rights Day by outlining different ways for YOU to get involved in the human rights movement by joining the conversation online. Spreading awareness and education can be just as impactful as volunteering and donating to people in need.

Step 1: Pick someone whose rights you want to voice.  

LGBT, refugees, women’s rights, children’s rights, war veterans, people with disabilities, victims of bullying are just a few human rights challenges being discussed today. What cause(s) are you passionate about? Let us know in the comments section below.

Step 2: Get involved with organizations that support your cause. 

Here are a few of the organizations celebrating human rights and hosting conversations this week:

@UN4Youth – UN Youth
@UNHumanRights – UN Human Rights Office
United Nations Human Rights on Facebook
@ISHRglobal – The International Service for Human Rights
@hrw – Human Rights Watch

Step 3: Hashtag it!

The hashtag used this year is   — but if your cause has a specific hashtag, use it to give them a special shout-out!


  1. Aiden aschbrenner

    i think that this is a good idea

  2. keaghan glassman

    I think human rights is very important especially from seeing how people are living in the third world countries today.

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