Imagine Mars Project

By Tonka Dobreva 10.04.2015 interact

Have you ever wondered what life on Mars could be like? Did you envision how people could live, what technologies they could use and how they would survive?

Then read on because this project might just be for you.


Imagine Mars

According to information on the NASA website, Imagine Mars is a “hands-on, STEM-based project that asks students to work with NASA scientists and engineers to imagine and design a community on Mars, then express their ideas through the arts and humanities, integrating 21st Century skills.”  There’s a place for everyone, whether you are interested in Design Arts, Performance Arts, Visual Arts or Language Arts.


imagine-mars1Who Can Participate?

Schools — individual K-12 classes or school-wide teams

Out-of-school groups — mixed-grade teams in extra-curricular organizations such as, after-school arts and science clubs

Community organizations — mixed-grade teams in programs sponsored by museums, libraries, local businesses and local civic organizations


imagine-marsHow to Get Started

You can get all information you need about getting started on your creative project here.

Image Source: NASA

Watch the NASA video below to learn what it actually takes to get a spacecraft to Mars:


  1. lilly

    seeing mars in real life not just on t.v. would be cool

  2. Jacob Gonzalez

    I would be amazing to go on mars. Seeing the movie The Martian made me really Interested in learning and go on mars. There are many things we don’t know yet about those, you never know?!

  3. wolf024


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