Impact: Ending Poverty

By Tonka Dobreva 09.28.2015 interact

According to data by the World Bank, extreme poverty has been reduced in half over the last 30 years. In 2011, 17 percent of people (over 1 billion) in the developing world lived at or below $1.25 a day. That’s down 52 percent in 1981 when 1.93 billion people lived in poverty. That’s great news!

But there have been challenges with ending world poverty completely, and it has been increasingly difficult to reach the 1 billion people still unable to get access to food, safe water, electricity, good schools, healthcare and other critical services.

Global Citizens is on a mission to change that and help people in impoverished communities live with dignity and sufficient resources. The organization held an event over the weekend in New York City’s Central Park where 60,000 gathered to not only watch a spectacular show by Beyonce, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and other starts, but to only take action towards change by signing petitions, reaching out to politicians and sharing campaigns on social media.

More than 1 million people have joined the Global Citizen movement since it first launched in 2012, and you too can make a difference.



Global Citizens are urging people to take the following 5 actions to support the causes — you can learn about each one of them below; then, tell us in the comments section below which cause you think is most urgent.



  1. Charlotte Reversé

    I think it’s great that the western world is trying to help, but we should stay serious about this toppic. We can’t help them by sending money. If we would send money to those countries they won’t use it for the right things. We really need to do something. That’s why I think the 5 actions are great. We have to realise them!

  2. Mike

    That is really sad I wish I could help.

  3. Wolfgang

    If they would just set protocols that would allow people to go to school, and learn their way out of poverty, maybe poverty would decrease.

  4. wolf024

    We can end poverdy.

  5. logan

    i think that they will not reach their goal because such little people care about the people around then and there are so many people in poverty and such little people that actually care about it.

    • Hannah Sharp

      We could help with the poverty because the Founder Generation is making a difference in our everyday lives so we can make a difference in the world of poverty, it already shows that we care because we cared enough to read this so I know we can help.

  6. Lucas

    Take action for education, because without the means to get a good education you can not really get out of poverty.

  7. 1awesomedj

    how sad

    • KARINA


  8. Isaac

    There is a website that we can use to help these people. It is called Free

  9. Lucas_Wahl

    I do not think that the Global Citizen movement will achieve its goal. There are so many people who are in extreme poverty, and not that much people who are willing to donate

  10. Creed Ekerberg

    The caus that is more regent is the endanger animals. We take advantege over most of them and don’t realize there dieing, and if animals die, I cry

  11. rodrigo solis

    The cause that is more urgent is the environment because its very bad, and the animals are starting to die off.

  12. Fabian Martinez

    the cause that i think is the most urgent is Take Action for Education because if everyone gets educated and starts their career then they would be making money and could help stop polio for good and all the other urgent causes happening around the world.

  13. Ben

    How sad

    • savannah

      that was so sad to see that many people in hurting conditions.

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