Impact: How to Help the Syrian Refugees

By Tonka Dobreva 09.07.2016 interact

According to the United Nations Refugees Agency, there are nearly 5 million Syrian refugees spread throughout the world, almost a million of them in need of immediate assistance. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) calls the  Syrian refugee crisis “the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era.” 

Here’s how you can help:

Donate to the UN dedicated fund or hold a fundraiser at your school.

Aside from the UN, there are a few other organizations that are accepting donations and working to help alleviate the crisis — you can support them and make an impact! 

  • International Rescue Committee — your support will help provide immediate assistance to refugees in Europe, including to Syrian refugees arriving in Greece.
  • Save the Children — an organization which provides nutritious food, warm clothes and critical supplies such as diapers, soap and other items to help keep young children healthy.
  • World Vision — provides blankets, food, clean water and learning opportunities to displaced Syrian families in Lebanon and Jordan.
  • Food for the Hungry — provides food, hygiene kits, rent support, mattresses, blankets, trauma support and safe places for kids to play and learn.
  • MercyCorp — provides emergency relief to 2.5 million people inside Syria and in neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.



  1. aireona

    i will send a blankets to all the peolple

    • laura

      How and where do you send supplies for the refugees?

  2. Michael


    • alex

      we should help the Syrians they are in a war i mean we helped the polish why can’t we help the good Syrians not all of them are bad

  3. Maya

    We should help the Syrians. It is going to help the future of the United States shape in to the country that the founding fathers wanted us to have.

  4. Aman

    I personally think trump doesnt know what he is actually doing, syrians who spent thousands of dollars on plane tickets are rejected and sent back to syria, with all of that time gathering that money wasted, he is also being very discriminate against other countries with him thinking that if they are a terrorist country then every one there is bad and a terrorist, donald trump is inexperienced. and he will soon get bad relationships with other countries and more terrorist attacks will happen. but only time will happen

  5. Na'ilah

    Immigrants should be able to come they need help because people like Donald trump boom them and call them terrorist even though Donald trump is booming them.

  6. Claire

    I think that the Syrian immigrants should be aloud in the United States they did nothing wrong it’s not right
    why should they be judged on what is happening in Syria.

  7. John Henry Roberts

    I personally think that the Syrians shouldn’t need help. The Syrians are their own country as we are. They should stay in their own country.

    • Terry

      That’s rude they should be able to come it is not fair

  8. Dayton

    Help them how would you feel if no one would help you with your problems

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