Impact: How to Help the Hurricane Victims

By Tonka Dobreva 08.29.2017 interact

Hurricane Harvey crushed into Texas with winds at over 130 miles per hour, causing massive flooding and prompting the National Weather Service to call it “beyond anything expected.” A week later, Hurricane Irma shook homes and flooded buildings in small Caribbean islands and left more than 15 million people without power in several U.S. states, including Florida and Georgia.

Here are some groups working to provide urgent help for the victims of these recent natural disasters — learn how you can support them:

  • American Red Cross — working around the clock to help the thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by the hurricanes.
  • Americares — distributing water, aid and mobilizing medical outreach in partnership with local organizations.
  • Save the Children — providing the shelters with the necessary equipment and services to keep children safe.


  1. Iris


  2. Iris

    Hi this was good

  3. KaitLyn Fitzgerald

    The whole south was hammered this hurricane season. I have only been in one hurricane, Hurricane Katrina, but I was young. I have only witnessed tornadoes in my area and the devastation is unreal. I have seen house thrown a block away from where it originally stood. With the wind and flooding of Harvey, the wind of Irma and the storm surge of Hurricane Nate. I couldn’t imagine what it looks like inside the homes of the victims. I hope everything gets better for them.

  4. Adrija

    I really hope everybody is fine. I think every single person that can should try their best to help.

  5. Maria

    I think that the people is sad because they don’t have food or clothing.


    That’s bad

  7. Ron D Batley

    I am from Eastern Kentucky trying to get to Texas to help but I have no gas money I am willing to help and what to help!

  8. Destiny H

    I hope everyone is ok

  9. Marissa Mary Jacobs

    hope everybody gets better! ………………………………..thank you

  10. adriana peterson

    i think everyone should donate money, food, and whatever else their needs may be

  11. Selena Halliday

    I really hope it stops and I feel sorry for the people who have gone through this huricane espically if you liv alone

    It is sad because I have lots of family in that area

  12. Ashlynn wright

    Sorry for all who have lost their lives and we are doing everything we can to help those in need

  13. noah iles

    this is unbaliveable hope everyone is rescued and safe
    channel one, jake paul a youtube star has taken his truck 2 jet skees and two u huals to help texas he left on wensday and is still there can u guys show him

  14. Collin Garcia

    I donated 10000 dollars to the hurricane

  15. Areona

    its very sad how not many people had time to evacuate hurricane Harvey. People in Huston should be happy they got saved cause they’re is already nine deaths.

  16. asyzapatterson

    i hope all the people in texas are ok

  17. Camron

    To get help as soon as possible.

  18. Kenya

    You could get lots of food like canned so that their want be so much exposure of water, make sure everyone is safe or isn´t badly injured, and find things very useful to help people or buildings when the storm dies down.

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