The Disappearance of Bees and How to Save Them

By Tonka Dobreva 05.14.2016 interact

Though most of us swat them away, or try to avoid them altogether, bees are a huge part of our everyday lives.  A quarter of the food Americans eat rely on bees doing their jobs, and more than $15 billion a year in U.S. crops rely on bees to pollinate them.

That’s why in the past few years, scientists, governments, and organizations have been troubled by the decline in the bee population. Since 2007, about 30 percent of the U.S.’s bee population has died each winter, and now the worldwide population is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. In fact, according to an annual survey by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, since April 2014, beekeepers have lost 42.1 percent of their colonies! And some states like Oklahoma, Illinois, Maryland and Pennsylvania, lost 60 percent of their hives in the last year.

Experts say that the reasons behind the disappearance of bees could be the so called colony collapse disorder, an increase in the use of pesticides and Varroa mites. The video below goes into more detail about the theories, and what it means for bees:

Whatever the cause, everyone agrees that something has to be done now.

You can get involved too! One of the best, and easiest ways to help the bees is by planting wildflowers. Once you begin attracting bees, leave out a dish of fresh water for them. They’ll love it! Also be sure that you and your neighbors aren’t using harmful pesticides on your plants. Or, just click on the button below:


If we all work together, we can make the world more bee friendly, and ensure that future generations have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. To learn more about how you can be part of the effort to rescue the bees, or to get more information to share with friends and family, check out the resources below!

The Xerces Society has more info on how you can attract pollinators to your yard.

Bee Friendlier has a gallery where you can share pictures of your efforts to save the bees.

Greenpeace  has lots of background information on why bees matter so much to us.

Let us know what you plan to do to save the bees in the comments!




  1. Abby

    We need bees we need them to survive and everything so bees are so important

  2. Anonymous

    Bees are awesome with honey, but can sting you and hurt ALOT.

  3. Brielle

    Bees are really important without bees we won’t get to have honey and honey is so delicious

    • devy400

      or apples, oranges, grapes, pears I guess, all of are fruit

  4. Beefanclub

    I’m so sorry for the bees they don’t deserve this.

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