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By Tonka Dobreva 08.11.2015 interact

World Lion Day takes place every year on August 10th, and this year it was especially important. People around the world have been discussing the safety of Africa’s remaining lions ever since Cecil, a popular and much studied lion from the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, was hunted and killed. Since 1975, the lion population in Africa has dropped from an estimated 250,000 to only 25-30,00, and many fear that African lions like Cecil could disappear from the wild forever. Due to the disturbing statistics, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed that the African lion be included under the Endangered Species Act.

The organizers behind World Lion Day are taking a step further and hoping to turn those statistics around. Through educating people and getting them involved in conservation efforts, they believe that the lion population can be saved. Before that can happen though, humans have to do everything we can to stop the hunting, poaching and habitat loss.


Below are some ways you and your family and friends can help save the African lions:

Help Build a Boma

A boma is a sort of fence that keeps lions away from farm animals. When lions hunt animals that are owned by a community, the people of the community will often kill the lion. Protecting the livestock means fewer lions will be killed. You can start your own boma campaign at school or donate to a current one through the Build a Boma organization.

Set up a “Lion Aid” Stand

A Lion Aid stand is a fun twist on the classic lemonade stand. Instead of just selling cups of lemonade, talk to customers about the importance of saving lions. Set up a stand in a popular area and get busy, then donate your earnings to National Geographic’s Mission Animal Rescue. The money collected goes towards protecting lion territory and funding much needed research.

Sponsor an Anti-Poaching Unit

Poaching is one of the biggest causes for the decline in the lion population. Even lions who manage to escape the traps that hunters set can end up injured, so Lion Alert supports two anti-poaching units in Zimbabwe. They take donations for the units here.

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