Impact: Save the Birds, Save the Environment

Posted on: 10.29.2017 in interact

Climate change has led to lots of changes around the world, and humans aren’t the only ones being affected.  Thanks to shifting temperatures, human interference and changing habitats, birds are being heavily affected, and 314 species are dangerously close to disappearing. We’ve rounded up four ways you can help protect them and keep the Earth happy and healthy!

Create a Bird-Friendly Space

In order for birds to be able to adapt to a changing Earth, they have to be healthy. You can help by creating a bird friendly space in your yard. Encourage your parents to use fewer chemicals when treating plants and to leave up dead trees for birds to nest in.

Take the Pledge

One of the easiest ways to be part of the effort to save the birds is to sign up to receive information about efforts that you can then share with your community groups, friends, and family.

Meet With Local Decision Makers

Chances are, there are community meetings in your neighborhood or county, and these groups can be a great way to get your concerns about climate change heard. Even the smallest changes in how we use resources can help. Get involved and spread the word to your local decision makers and you can spark a movement.

Support Laws and Policies that Address Climate Change

Did you know that right now politicians and voters are deciding on laws that will affect you when you’re an adult? Even if you’re not old enough to vote, you can speak up about the laws that are shaping how the Earth will be in a few years.  Talk to your parents, neighbors, friends and local community group about upcoming policies and make sure they know that their votes are the difference between a world rich  in animal species of animals and and one that’s not.

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