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By Tonka Dobreva 10.09.2015 interact

On today’s show, we feature, an anti-bullying program created by Emily-Anne Rigal when she was 16.

We Stop Hate’s mission is to stop hate – hating on yourself, hating on others, and to stop letting others hate on you.

The program uses social media as a platform to raise teen-esteem and to inspire and build confidence in teens through social media. Emily-Anne believes teens that are happy with themselves won’t put others down.


Here’s how you can join the fight to stop hate:

  • Write a letter… to yourself! The catch? You can only include positive stuff about yourself.
  • Share your story… in a video! Record and upload a video documenting the ups and downs, what has helped you and why you’re stopping hate. meryl-westophate
  • Spread positivity… on social media! Leave a compliment or positive comment on a friend’s social media account.
  • Wear a We Stop Hate bracelet… and spread the word. (Celebs like Meryl Streep, Lady Gaga and Whitney Port are already fans!)

This fall Emily-Anne released her first book called Flawd, the We Stop Hate’s self-esteem guide. Click here to get your hands on it.


Do you have a flaw you’re proud of? Tell us in a YouTube video and send the link to We want to feature your stories on one of our upcoming shows.





Check out the behind the scenes photos of Azia Celestino’s interview with Emily-Anne in the slideshow below.


  1. lydia

    this needs to stop us hating are self’s and others insted come to gethr and help each other.

  2. Jaiden

    People need to stop being hatful towards others, i myself find that just by dressing differently i get alot of different reactions. One girl was smiling and clapping because I wore a dress to the dance. Some people looked at me once and roled their eyes when i wore black eyeshadow. I know it’s not just me that sees stuff like this.

  3. NoahDenney@groveport

    What You Are Doing Is Good. >.< 😀

  4. Caroline.larz

    Stop hate

  5. Grace Craver

    In 1st to 5th grade I was bullied a lot because I’m over weight. Now im in 6th grade and things are great. Never give up because life is to short to not be alive all the time. Keep smiling!!!!!

  6. kenzie_love18944

    i think this is awesome for teens to let out what they are feeling.

  7. Ivy

    I think if there were more people int he world like you, it would be a perfect place to live.

  8. tamarachlebik

    The majority of our class thinks this is the next big thing!

  9. Austin Whitney

    HI im austin i think this is interesting

  10. marshawn junior

    people should not get judged.

  11. marshawn junior

    i think that people should not get judged by how they look.

  12. Alex

    WeStopHate is a beautiful thing and makes me feel confortable being myself when I was younger all through elementary school I used to get bullied and they made me feel like I was nothing.. Like I didn’t matter until I moved schools and I met people who actually liked me for me hehe so I loove WeStopHate thank you so much for being the light to other people’s dark lives.

  13. Caitlyn

    Emily-Anne you are so inspiring

  14. Melanie

    You are my hero

  15. Hannah Coalson

    Self hate, hate on others, and letting people hate you really does need to stop. It lowers grades and self esteem of teenagers.

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