Quiz: Inside Islam

By ch1c0nta@ctus 02.11.2017 interact

Why do some Muslim women cover their heads? Who’s Muhammad and what’s Mecca?

Learn about the culture, religion and history of Islam, and find out why Islam has more in common with other religions than you might think.


  1. Raheel Ahmad

    I am Proud to be an Ahmadi Muslim ✌

  2. GeekMonkey13

    We studyed we are good at religion

  3. Sheryl

    Christians worship the God of the Bible, not alah.

    • Beth B.

      You are correct that Christians worship the God portrayed in the bible, but Muslims worship the God portrayed in the Quran (Koran). There are many similarities between the two. Allah is the Arabic word for God. You might be surprised how much the two religions have in common.

    • Lydia

      Alah is god in abraic

  4. Summer Eldridge

    I have no idea why the woman in muslim cover their heads can you awnser that for me?

    • Michael

      It is really just a custom in their religion that you have to follow…

    • The muslim man

      Feminists and the Western media often portray the hi jab as a symbol of oppression and slavery of women.
      I am surprised at the society which shows tolerance towards those who would like to go around topless but finds it difficult to tolerate a lady who by her own choice wants to observe hi jab!
      Hi jab is not a symbol of oppression.On the contrary, the practice of displaying pictures of almost naked women in the commercials, billboards, and in the entertainment industry in the west is a true symbol of oppression.
      Hi jab also contributes to the stability and preservation of marriage and family by eliminating the chances of extramarital affairs.

    • unknown

      Its is a sign of modesty, and that no one has the right to look at what is hers unless it is her husband or family member. No one leaves a diamond out in the open right ?

  5. taylor shaw

    I think there should be more thought about the gods of the wourld

    • Dominick

      There is only one true god and that one is the one in heaven.

      • Beth B.

        i think you might be surprised how similar Christianity and Islam are to one another. Try to stay open minded even though you have a different belief. (Did you know: the first Pillar of Islam is professing your faith in God, that’s kinda what you did when you wrote that post, huh.)

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