Quiz: Test Your Oscars Knowledge

By Tonka Dobreva 02.26.2017 interact

The Oscars ceremony is one of the most watched and highly regarded events in Hollywood. We roll out the red carpet and take you behind the scenes for some pretty cool tidbits about the event — take our quiz below:



  1. Fresno Unified Afterschool Program

    i got 11/12 yay!!!!!!!

  2. erica walker

    I Like this Ouiz because I got 12-2

  3. ryli

    I have never watched the Oscars so i only got 4 out of 12

    • Fresno Unified Afterschool Program

      I Lucky Got 12/12 and I have Never Ever Heard Of Them

  4. Arleen

    I have never seen the awards but on the quiz I got 7 out of 12!!!

  5. SparkleGirl411

    I love you Channel One!!! P.S. Happy Birthday!!! 😀

  6. Stazy

    I never watched the Oscars and i got 5 out of 12

  7. Stazy

    I never watch the Oscars p.s. I’m a kid

  8. mj3254

    it is cool P.S. i am a kid

    • Star-Lord

      this is hard but fun

  9. Lola

    I watch it last night I’m so tired and I had school today:[

    • SparkleGirl411

      I know right?! I was exhausted today!! ZZZ… 🙁

  10. Ter'Ayzha Deckard

    You are the most funnest News I have ever watched!!!!!!!

  11. annalangston1103

    wow i really did not know that much about the oscars

    • mj3254

      Dear channel 1, you guys are cool love, Michael P.S. i’m a kid

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