Video: Koko the Gorilla Loves Kittens

By Tonka Dobreva 10.15.2015 interact

Meet Hanabiko, also known as Koko — the gorilla that is known for understanding 2,000 English words and over 1,000 hand signs from the American Sign Language. Aside from being a linguist, Koko is also known for loving kittens! For her birthday this year, Koko received a litter of kittens and adopted two of them. Watch her play with her new adorable family members in the video below.


  1. Charlotte Mecklenburg School District

    they look adorable toghether

  2. Sunny


  3. Fang35

    OMG sooooooooo cuuuuuttttttteeeeee

  4. Sarah

    Soooooooo cute… probably the cutest thing I ever saw in my life.

  5. alex

    awww this is so cute tbh ……… this is so funny and cool to watch lmao

  6. Kaya


  7. merry

    All the gorilla finally showing true emotions the only thing i’ve ever seen were them hitting there chest like there angry OMG so cute and yeah of course gorillas just like us if they can hold a kitten like we can and no other animal can do it and we can i think i would get a gorilla oneday it will be a girls best freind shout out to gorillas.

  8. SDixon

    I love this part of the news.

  9. madison

    This is so cute it made me cry



  11. Me


  12. Lydia

    Animals, of course, have EMOTIONS. If you say that they don’t, then you are saying that YOU don’t have emotions. You are animals. Koko is living proof that animals have emotions.

  13. Rj Rattie

    So cute!

  14. Katelyn Monroe

    That is so CUTE!

    • Rj Rattie

      it is so cute!!!

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