Game: Language Match-Up!

Posted on: 10.07.2014 in interact

If there’s one thing you should know how to say while traveling, it’s hello! See how many ways you know how to say it with our fun matching game, then share your fastest time in the comments.



  1. Libbi Tharp

    second try 15.9

  2. Baylie Becker

    11.1 first try. Boom!

  3. nathan

    I got last place but my friend was playing on my learn pad and she is awesome 🙂

  4. Girl_ruler

    First try 26 seconds
    Second try 20 seconds
    I can speak French Latin Spanish English
    Reply on mine

    • Lili Perez

      Wow, good job Girl_Ruler

  5. AndyBO4_4

    first try 29.9 seconds


      Same here man
      Thanks again channel 1

  6. Sessions Elementary School

    can talk tow things Spanish an English!

  7. honey80

    i can speak german, welsh ,latin ,english and spanish

  8. Heather

    48.7 seconds first try . Hi myah.

  9. Myah Spruill

    I can speak 2 languages English and German

    • RAP GOD

      me to

  10. Charisma

    49.6 secs 1st try

    • RAP GOD

      20 secs 1st try

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