Interactive Timeline: MLK’s Legacy

Posted on: 01.12.2016 in interact

Every year, on the third Monday of January, we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Though he was assassinated at the early age of 39, he managed to accomplish extraordinary things during his life and had a heavy impact on the success of the Civil Rights Movement. Thanks to his legacy, black people in the United States are able to vote without restrictions, attend any school and live wherever they like.

Learn more about MLK’s legacy in the timeline below.



  1. noah

    yes he was

  2. Jenaleigh Wililams

    Martin Luther King Jr. was a very good, brave and honest man, I am so happy it is about to be January 15 so i can celebrate him.

  3. abraham

    He showed the world that if you have a dream to never let anyone stop you from making that dream/

  4. Jayden Davey

    Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. was the best man and will always be with me in my path at life

  5. Dawna Ellis

    “I have a dream”, that someone else will follow the same “DREAM”

  6. Larry Gelm

    He’s awesome

  7. bailee

    he was a very great man

  8. Sophia Green

    Martin Luther King Jr. has always been my role model.

  9. Ethan

    martin Luther king Jr did a amazing thing in society and i hope whoever assassinated him with that gun was caught and put in prison for life what a terrible day in history that was. If he became president then that would be amazing but sadly he was assassinated.

  10. serenity

    i think martin Luther King Jr would be a great president i wish he was still alive so i can see every wonderful thing he did to this world so both black and white were equal 🙂

  11. anaomonous

    He is such an amazing man 🙂

  12. caden

    I like him.

  13. caden

    He was a good man.

    • goood

      if he wasn’t born i wouldn’t be
      with my friends

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