Mascot Challenge

By 03.23.2015 interact

The world of college sports is full of bizarre and colorful mascots– sometimes literally, like the Golden Bears and the Crimson Tide.

So are you an expert on team nicknames? Do you know your Buckeyes from your Tar Heels? Take our quiz to see if you’re a mascot master.


  1. kaine cribb

    go pac go pac go

  2. Emily

    What’s the harm in a football team name? It’s not being negative about it, so why take it down? It’s just a color of skin like he’s white, he’s black, it’s a fact not a joke.

  3. Garrett

    I don’t think that it is a bad racial name because no one thought it was bad until now.

  4. Brenna Marshall

    I believe that the term ” redskin ” may be offensive to some. Although It is an honerary term to some. My first reaction to the segment on channel one was: if you are offended by the term ” redskin “, more people are honored that offended, you may as well move to a different district.

  5. kaitlin

    I don’t think they should change it. One it is cost efficient ,and two The Redskins is not racial. Look at the Washington Redskins are they all Redskins, NO

  6. Zjohnson


  7. Marisa123


  8. Marisa123

    The Redskins name is not rasis and we should keep it

  9. Marisa123

    The Redskins name is not rasis its just a name and we should keep it

  10. James

    I think the redskins is just a name why don’t we keep it

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