Monopoly Fun Facts

By Abbey Tiderman 03.31.2015 interact

Did you know that there’s a Braille version of Monopoly? An edible chocolate edition, too? As part of the 80-year anniversary of the classic family board game’s release, we’re exploring a few Monopoly fun facts.

Upon its launch in 1935 by Parker Brothers, the iconic real estate game quickly gained popularity, selling 35,000 sets weekly in just the first year. Today, the gaming giant Hasbro owns Monopoly, and it’s as in-demand as ever, selling in 114 countries. Want more Monopoly tidbits and trivia? Take the quiz.


  1. Ryan Wallace

    10/10 too good

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  3. Chucknorris9629

    70 days is way to extreme



  4. Allilol

    Woah!!!!! 70 straight days?! The longest I`ve ever played was a couple, mabye a few hours!!!!! Also, knowing all that new info about Monopoly really changed my perspective on it. Thanks Channel On! And thank you for putting my school, Anza Trail, on your show for the B-Day Shout Outs! Love you guys! – Alli

  5. Caroline McKernan

    I got 9 out of 10, and wow 70 days of playing monopoly!? I don’t think I could do that.

  6. skullbutt234

    I was surprised when my social studies put the longest time recorded for playing monopoly. The first one six out of ten. The second one nine out of ten.

  7. vivian gettle

    Wow, 70 days straight of just playing monopoly! That is amazing. I know I could never play a game for that period of time.

  8. JepicDude20

    Okey 70 days wow Hey people make videos of a seventy day game on youtube in parts okey.

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    i got 7 out of 10

  12. derrick anthony pargo

    i love your show and the two tests you put out. Nice!

  13. Mrs. Jimenez

    I will definitely be playing with all my classes!

  14. carson mills

    i had no idea monoply was that popular!

  15. tyler cooley

    i got 7 wow

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