Music Awards Quiz

By ch1c0nta@ctus 08.29.2016 interact

In music, it’s all about the most¬†— most albums sold, most chart-topping singles and most-attended concert, among others. Who are these top-ranked titans? Find out with our quiz below.


  1. joshua sutton

    my classmeets love to watch channel one news with kieth.

  2. CakeOverlord

    The game is very entertaining and it makes people know more about the history of music and shows their intelligence about it. It teaches you how the history of music has made people’s lives more entertaining.

  3. Mustang M. G.

    it was ………………fine

  4. kotabear

    I got all of them right and the game is fun

  5. kotabear

    The game is ok..

  6. heaven

    This game helped me see if I knew my history of music

  7. Memoree_Lane35

    This game was fun

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