Name That Town

By ch1c0nta@ctus 08.12.2015 interact

From dot-com contests to ancient tribes, find out the strange-but-true tales behind American place names.

Name that Town

Discover the history behind uniquely named towns.


  1. Kyler Greer

    I just guessed on them.

  2. Matthew Wiemer

    I got a 8.33% on the quiz.

  3. Ava

    That was WICKED!

  4. Caiti T.

    I sucked a lot. How was I supposed to know???

  5. October

    this was fun and hard at the same time

    • Gaby Eben

      This quiz was amazingly fun and exciting, filled with interesting facts and information that I never knew! It was hard for me, as I only got 3 out of 12. But, it was still very entertaining! Thanks Channel 1 news for this amazing quiz!

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