Quiz: How Much Do You Know About America’s National Parks?

By 05.26.2016 interact

In 1872, Congress established the nation’s first national park, paving the way for millions of acres of American soil to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Test your knowledge on how much you know about America’s parks. 


  1. christian b.

    Gosh! I thought I knew a lot about our nations parks. Guess I need to get studying.

    • Anaya

      i know right

  2. amanda cromer

    i love this

  3. Mr. Delemeester and Science 7 5th Hour

    loved this quiz!

  4. Dr. Serenius

    Parks are Awesome!!!

  5. Anonymous Llama


  6. derpking

    this game is so fun but it that i hardly know about all the questions they are asking

  7. Eijah Jenkins

    This is Elijah from Auburn Junior High, Auburn AL. The Quiz was kinda hard because I don’t really know about the national parks.

    (Please put this on tommorow’s show… I will be watching it to see my comment if you post it)

  8. Trinity

    I loved this and your show thanks I watch it every day

  9. Davia Allen

    This is a great quiz! It helps raise awareness to our natural wonders.”Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”-Albert Einstein

  10. jessica a

    I think teroristes are bad people and no one should let them in ther countrey or state.

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