New Moon

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A year after the theatrical release of Twilight, the sequel New Moon (PG-13) was released. Despite all of the drama surrounding the making of the second film in the Twilight Saga — like the change from director Catherine Hardwicke to Chris Weitz and the debate over whether Taylor Lautner should play Jacob Black — the movie premiered on November 20, 2009. And, after bulking up 30 pounds of muscle, fans saw Lautner reprising his role as a hunkier than ever Jacob.

When we last saw the Twilight crew, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were at the Prom having a romantic moment while Victoria was plotting her revenge after the death of her mate, James. In New Moon fans saw a different side of Bella as she deals with life in Forks without — gasp — Edward after an incident at her birthday party. Luckily, she had Jacob to keep her company.

Experience the heart-wrenching, yet steamy love triangle that is the Jacob or Edward conundrum in the Twilight sequel when you see the new movie, or take our “Edward or Jacob” quiz below.

New Moon: Who Said It?

Do you know New Moon dialogue by heart? See if you know who said what.

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