Quiz: New Year’s Traditions

By ch1c0nta@ctus 12.15.2016 interact

New Year’s Eve celebrations manifest in many different forms around the globe. Test your knowledge of New Year’s Eve festivities with the quiz below.

New Year's Traditions

Discover the secrets behind New Year’s traditions around the world.


  1. Maquila W

    not every one got a 100 im not stupid

  2. Kenneth

    (smack) Noice

  3. Sarah Abbas

    its was fun. I got 100%.

  4. Muskaan

    It was fun

  5. Muskaan


  6. Angeline

    I like to eat <3

  7. Mitchell Stokey

    mehh :T

  8. jacob

    fun. 100

  9. Sarah


  10. tiger15631


  11. Jada


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