Quiz: Nuclear Weapons

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You’ve heard the phrase “weapons of mass destruction” many times, but how much do you really know about nuclear weapons and the politics surrounding them? Nuclear weapons have recently raised even more concerns when a panel of top scientists moved the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight. The Clock is a symbolic representation of how close we are to a possible global catastrophe, and nuclear weapons are one of the serious threats that these experts have taken into account when adjusting the clock.

Learn more about nuclear energy and nuclear weapons with our quiz.


  1. Yolanda

    learned something new thanks

  2. Jill

    Hiroshima wasn’t fair .Just because pearl harbor happened doesn’t mean us Americans had to kill thousands of people. There were thousands of innocent lives taken that day and that’s not fair.

  3. Gunnar L.

    The question “who was the father of the nuclear bomb?” is wrong. Robert Oppenheimer is actually considered the “father” of the atomic bomb.

    • Marc Van Gilst

      Actually, the question said the father of the H-bomb (Hydrogen Bomb), which was Teller, Oppenheimer worked on the first fission bombs.

  4. Simon

    this quiz is cool.

  5. mya

    it is pretty cool

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  7. wyatt

    Thanks for the fun quizes channel one

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  8. Lily McFadden

    Nuclear weapons are only good for scaring off enemy’s. Actually using them is brutal. Your tormenting people who never did anything to you. Just think maybe the person who was just killed was going to get on a plane and join the U.S..Or an innocent family eating breakfast who don’t agree with their government so you are going to punish them for their leaders mistakes.

    • Jacob murray

      thatś what I said. But what if russia or mexico tried to nuke us? If I were president I would nuke the locations of where all of the nuclear bombs are hidden so that the u.s doesn’t lose millions of dollars plus we would not kill anybody unless there exactly 7 milles away. that how far the nuke can reach after it hit the ground

  9. keyonna

    this quiz helped me more about social studies channel one rocks !!!!!!………dont you think

  10. keyonna

    this quiz could help us more about social studies chanel 1 rocks…..

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  12. Dylan

    i think its kinda cool

    • Jacob murray

      you think its cool that we are going to die from a nuclear war

  13. Hallie Taylor

    I made a 100% on the quiz 🙂

  14. bobby marray

    hi plz say back but the nuclear energy would be large enough to destroy the world

    • Jacob murray

      not for another 25 years

    • taylor

      i agree

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