By Abbey Tiderman 09.02.2014 interact

Parkour, or le parkour because it was invented in France, is a sport considered by many to also be philosophy that combines elements of running, martial-arts and dance into an elegant, and often gravity defying, form of movement. The goal is to move from one point to the other quickly and efficiently. Find out more about the sport, its history and what it takes to practice it in our quiz below.

Please note: Many people who participate in parkour are trained athletes who are experts at executing seemingly impossible or dangerous moves. Do NOT try anything that could get you injured without professional training, supervision or both. 

Get the facts on this sport that takes extreme agility.


  1. Gage

    When I saw them talking about parkour on channel one I got excited, been doing almost my entire life and I love it!!!

    • Ted

      When I heard Channel one news was talking about parkour and freerunning, I was exited because i do parkour for fun and for exercise, it is really fun.

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