Passport: France

Posted on: 01.25.2011 in interact > Geography
PARIS - SEP 09: Eiffel Tower at Paris downtown on September 09,

Bonjour mes amies! You’ve probably heard a lot about what it’s like to tour France, from food and fashion, to historic sites and architecture. Yet, France is more than a tourist destination packed with bicycles, baguettes and berets.

With a history filled with political and artistic revolutions and centuries of leading the fashion and art world, France is also the home to some of the most influential artists and world-renowned chefs. Theoretically, one could spend years touring the country, let alone, its capital city, Paris.

Learn more in the quiz below.

French Phrases

Parlez-vous français? Oui? Non? Find out here.


  1. jayden harbaugh

    it was fun :)

  2. Maria Pereyda

    I think we should learn more about different types of countries because it’s important that we learn about them because what if we go to a field trip to Germany or Russia we need to learn their language so we can understand what their saying.

  3. grace

    i think we should learn about more countries because
    i think we need to learn french dutch German and all because what if we went out of state and we did not know what they are saying its very important. that what i think

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