Quiz: Phenomenal Women

Posted on: 03.01.2017 in interact

March is Women’s History Month. A long history of suppressed rights hasn’t stopped women across the globe from rising to great heights, with achievements in education, literature, politics, sports and beyond. Discover more about the success of women leaders, athletes and writers below.


  1. Anonymous

    This has to be pointed out: ONE of the answer choices for number 6 is factually incorrect. Mother Teresa is now a Saint. I am a Catholic and she was canonized in 2016. She is a Saint, but yet you did not regard her as a Saint. You only regarded Saint Katharine Drexel and Saint Susanna as Saints, while Saint Teresa of Calcutta was Canonized a Saint in 2016. Please be more careful with the facts in creating these tests and quizzes, and please change it to be that Mother Teresa is a Saint. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  2. tommy

    i got one right

  3. Jackson Holtkamp

    This test was great!! If you do bad, hey at least you tried. U.S.

    • tommy

      i did try kinda i got one right

  4. Mallory

    The most important women in history to me is Rosa Parks. She made the first step to the fight of banishing segregation. If it weren’t for Rosa where would we be today? Would nobody have ever stood up for ones freedoms and rights as a US citizen?

    • coni

      totally !! 😀 every time we pick a project topic in history i call dibs on rosa parks!!!

    • Hannah

      I totally agree!!! I also think that Amelia Earhart was pretty cool because she was the first girl to fly across the across the Atlantic ocean

  5. Emilee Hendershot

    this is awesome watching channel one with my 6th grade class.

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