Photos: CH1 Reporters and Viewers Share Their Halloween Costumes

By Tonka Dobreva 10.30.2017 interact

Scroll through the slideshow to see how our reporters and viewers dressed up this Halloween.


  1. alliosn albrecht

    i love hollween it is so spooky and it is fun to dress up i love you guys costumes

  2. alex


  3. claudia

    the costume are skeleton key, fantasy football, sincere apology, sand witch, cereal killer, social butterfly, and tom cat

  4. Jazzy


  5. brody

    1. channel one news reporters wareing dresses 2.cows 3. skittlies 4. panda 5. police 6. unicorn 7. killer clowns 8. dont know 9. pacman 10.dont know.

  6. Orange Grove High School, Corona CA

    My students came up with the following costumes
    Social Butterfly
    Tom cat
    Serial Killer
    Skeleton Key
    Fantasy Football
    Formal Apology.

    We loved guessing your costumes!!!!

  7. harlee


  8. Sloppy Joe

    I like the furry one.

  9. Hope

    And the skeleton pun

  10. Hope

    What is the cat costume pun

  11. Amari'Yaeh

    a clown

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