Photos: Our Reporters
Reveal Their Flaws

Posted on: 01.05.2017 in interact

We all have flaws, and more often than not, our flaws make us feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. But one initiative is on a mission to change that! Flaunt Your Flaws is urging people to not only accept their flaws, but also reveal them!

Our reporters at Channel One jumped on the idea and were happy to reveal their own flaws — scroll through the slideshow below to find out what they are. Then, share in the comments section 1) a flaw that’s been making you feel uncomfortable for a while and you are finally ready to embrace it and 2) a strength that you are particularly proud of!








  1. Andrew

    well im a bit big

  2. Komasan

    So, what if people have flaws? It’s what makes you, you.

  3. Ashton Winslow

    I like to sew and I am proud of it, I have freckles, I am clumsy, I eat too much, and that is what makes me, me!

    • Fiorella

      that right shares your feelings or flaws really mine am I eat a lot too

    • Damion Bell

      i do to but i do not sew to much

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