Poll: Are You Concerned About Climate Change?

By Tonka Dobreva 04.19.2016 interact

For the past couple of weeks, we have been exploring on the show climate change and the impact it has on our environment. From rising temperatures and sea levels, to storms and droughts, to changes in our water and food supply– we are experiencing environmental changes, and according to some scientists, it is “extremely likely” that human activity plays a major role.

Climate change skeptics, on the other hand, doubt that humans are responsible for these environmental changes and that we can do little to make an impact.

We want to know what you think — are you concerned about climate change? Vote and tell us in the comments your thoughts on the topic. We will feature the poll results and some of your comments on the show.


  1. Jude

    Let me state these simple facts: the temperature in the 21st century has been flat, the 21st century is responsible for 25% of all fossil fuel emissions, without fossil fuels modern life is not possible, the climate isn’t well enough understood to determine the significant cause of “climate change”, looking at earth’s history this is actually a very low carbon dioxide period, there has actually been a decrease in natural disasters, and there is no prof of significant climate change caused by humans.

  2. Gunnar L.

    yes because this is something that can be stopped. we have the chance to turn this around and if we don’t then we may all die, because a small temperature change can cause crops to fail, causing many people to die.

  3. Karlie Brown

    Yes, because climate change had killed animals.

  4. Jordan

    No because we honestly have bigger things that we need to focus on

  5. Mathew Shaw

    I think we should be worried because climate can affect us seriously and the lower part of Florida might go under water and therefore we should try and help the economy

  6. manish dahal

    yes cause they are a same as humans its like taking someone’s home from them and I’m concerned

    • Luke Riney

      I think that it is very important because it is causing huge problems for coastal cities like the one that I live in it is also endangering many species of life.

  7. Liauna

    No because people have other things to worry about.. they don’t just have to worry about climate change..

    • Lauren

      I think Climate change is a BIG problem its affecting the way we live.

  8. Austin Simms

    NO! There is way worse things going on in this world like terrorism,immigration issues, and the U.S. economy is going down hill.

  9. Winfield hall

    No, I’m not worried because even though humans have caused this, the problem will eventually be fixed.

    • Jacob

      I’m not concerned, We have ice melt before we can have ice melt again and probably have no a effect in the long run

  10. Tina Dahlman

    Yes I am concerned because we would lose animals, trees, plants, and it would damage the whole earth and us humans!

  11. Tina Dahlman

    I’m concerned about climate change because then the animals don’t know what to do if the climate changes.

  12. Gabe Jervis

    I think its bad because I hate floods and floods can hurt people

  13. Jack McWilliams

    Yes, I am concerned, because I don’t want my future relatives to suffer on an earth riddled with catastrophy.

  14. rio

    We need nuclear fusion technology that`s a very clean source of energy for the earth. What makes fusion is a neutron, tritium deuterium and thats it.

  15. Monty

    I cannot believe that people say that they don’t care about the climate change. IF IT CHANGES DRAMATICALLY WE COULD ALL FREEZE or Die from the intense heat. SO, yes I do care

  16. Ronisha Fnuigcgekr

    Climate change is a big hoax

    • Leila

      I finally find someone who believes the same thing there is no scientific proof of climate change

      • Baylie Becker

        YES THERE IS!!!!!!!!!!

        • Wix

          So true- scientific evidence has been staring us in the face since the 1990’s, yet people refuse to accept it. This is all our fault, but some folks think that it’s just a ruse- burning fossil fuels and slowly destroying the environment doesn’t MEAN ANYTHING?

  17. Korbin Kuhlman

    I think it would be bad because there would be more floods.

    • Gabe Jervis

      Same i hate floods because it can hurt people

  18. Lindsay

    I am concerned because I don’t wanna die of thirst in a drought…. its a sad day.

  19. Logan

    Yes I am concerned

    • Logan

      yes im conserned for the Poler bears

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