Poll: Is It Easy or Difficult for You to Make New Friends?

By Tonka Dobreva 11.23.2015 interact

Social life is just as important as school life. Friendships bring tremendous joy into our lives, they teach us things about life that we can’t read in textbooks and online, and create some of the most wonderful memories that we cherish for years to come!

Yet, according to a study by researchers at Florida Atlantic University, very few friendships that we form in school last past graduation. The study followed 410 seventh graders, checking in with them every year until they were in high school, only to find out that 1 percent of the friendships that formed in seventh grade lasted by twelfth grade. That means learning how to make new friends and adapting to different social environments is that much more important!

With so much of our time spent on social media and with our gadgets, it is sometimes challenging to connect with people in the real world. On the show today, you saw how some students at Georgetown University are finding creative ways to get offline and make new friends.

We want to know what you think — is it easy or difficult to make new friends? Vote and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. We will then feature the results from the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. Taylor

    It’s pretty hard for me to make friends because, I like to have a tight group of friend’s and it’s hard for me to let other’s in.

  2. Abbie

    Yah making friends as always been a struggle for me when its a breze for others. I wish i could i a close friend like i used to but they will just leave me…

  3. Ashley

    It is easy for me to get friends because I’m very friendly around others.

  4. Bella

    I have a heard time making friends because no one likes me i only have two friends and when i go to make new friends people always laugh at me.

    • Ella

      I feel you. Making friends isn’t so easy. But you just have to be confident in yourself and walk up to them and just say “Hi”

  5. Jefferson L.

    I feel it is important for kids to get enough calcium in their meals. So I believe that we should in fact support freedom of speech. (The 3rd amendment).

  6. Yasmin

    I have anthrophobia, so making new friends is actually very difficult for me, despite being the only person in my grade to name most of the 8th student body. It’s the reason I like staying after school.

  7. Lars A.

    It can be hard to make new friends. However, it can be much easier to make friends in an are which you feel comfortable with than one that you are new to.

  8. Savy

    It is very hard for me to make friends because i am a very picky person including people.

  9. Javier

    Its difficuit to make friends , what i want to tell them and my personally . A kind of person who shares all the time and good feelings .


    Its hard to make new friends because some people want to play hard to get it was hard for me to make my best friends and I try to make friends still try to make friends

  11. Maggie

    Many people say it’s easy for them to make friends, because it is! Many people who say it’s easy to make friends simply have a greater confidence level than the ones who say, ‘I’m too scared’ because the ones who think it’s easy have never really been rejected upon saying hello. Many people are too scared to talk to someone new because if their hair isn’t right, a nail chipped, or things of the such, people will make fun of them for it, and it will last for the rest of the year or longer. You get so used to your old friends, the idea of new friends makes you uncomfortable, so you just don’t. Of course, theres two sides to the story. The greatly confident girl/boy, or the unbelievably shy girl/boy.

  12. Mikenzi Sky

    It’s difficult to me because say you are new to a school,everyone might already have friends and your left outside by yourself

  13. Jessica h.

    All of you have to do is say hey

  14. Jessica h.

    It is easy to make friends i did, only thing was say hey to them.

  15. janecia

    its easy for me because im easy to get along with and very friendly

  16. dajonna

    I think it is easy to make a friend if you see someone just say hi and you might have something in common

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