Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Nobel Prize Awards?

By Tonka Dobreva 10.06.2016 interact

The Nobel Prize awards are the highest international recognition anyone can receive for their scientific accomplishments and contributions to humanity. Take our quiz to test your knowledge about the awards — and learn some fun facts along the way.


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  3. Yolanda624

    This quiz was easy for me

  4. nicko

    it was the united states.

  5. Abby


  6. Amanuel

    this is boring

  7. abby

    i got 70% on the quiz

  8. abby

    i got 70% of the quiz!

  9. Da'Taezha Ali

    Could our school get to be on your channel sometime. Powell Middle School at 8000 S Corona Way, Littleton, CO 80122. THANKS!

    P.S I love your channel

  10. Kamryn Schmidt

    I think it is cool that you can win so much cool stuff.

  11. Sarah

    That was very interesting i guessed on two and saw the rest on the news. You know what the say you learn something everyday!

  12. Scott Lupia

    Our class, 5Lupia, love Channel One and really enjoyed today’s quiz.

  13. nyamay

    it said i got it wrong i new it was united states haha

  14. nate

    why would people decline the Nobel prize award.

  15. Audreyanna

    This was pretty hard to answer!!!

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