Quiz: Native American Heritage Month

By Abbey Tiderman 10.31.2016 interact


November is Native American Heritage Month—an opportunity to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, languages and traditions that have existed within Native American communities for millennia. It’s a time to honor the wisdom in the belief in the profound connection between ancestors, animals and the earth. A time to explore Native American artists, musicians and writers. And a time to remember those who have given their lives to build and protect the United States.

Elderly 99 year old Navajo Native American woman and her daughter standing in front of a traditional Hogan

This month is also a chance to discuss and reflect on a grim history—a rapid decline in population and land, and institutionalized stripping away of culture, which has led to severe socioeconomic issues on reservations across the country. And though Native Americans continue to struggle to have rights protected and ancestral land preserved, they are more empowered and united with fellow citizens than ever in their resolve to peacefully demonstrate for those rights. Something worth celebrating, right?

Are you familiar with Native American history? Take the quiz and test your knowledge.



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