Quiz: Asteroids vs. Comets

Posted on: 10.20.2014 in interact


  1. Zac

    9 out of 10 and im in 7th grade lol

  2. FriendLover

    I totally guessed most answers. Should probably start checking out that astronomy packet.

    • awesomeman_101

      I can’t believe I got 10/10. I have TONS!!!!!!!! of space books at home and I love reading them a lot!, I also learn about the solar system in science class and I learn interesting stuff there too!

  3. 570rachel@gmail.com

    i got 1 out of 10 im not good science

  4. Evan R

    now i get 35$ an hour working for NASA

  5. Evan R

    10 of 10 it was the easiest test ever i did 4 years of Astronomy in collage

    • What

      I love how you spelled ‘college’ wrong.

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