Test Your IQ!

By Abbey Tiderman 03.02.2017 interact

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking may be well-known for their high IQs, but did you know people of all ages, genders and backgrounds have tested well above the average score of 100? Actress Natalie Portman, for instance, reportedly has an impressive 140 IQ, while Matt Damon and Conan O’Brien are at 160 respectively—which lands them among the 2 percent who have the highest IQ scores in the world.

So what is an IQ anyway? It stands for Intelligence Quotient, and it’s a far-from-perfect method of measuring intelligence. While many associate intelligence with vast knowledge, the term is actually fairly subjective, and can encompass many different qualities. But according to Mensa—the elite global society for those with high IQs—an IQ test measures “quickness of mental comprehension (or mental agility).” The test presents a range of questions designed to assess one’s ability to process patterns, use logic, and successfully sort through mathematical concepts. Curious where you stand? Take a crack at the types of questions that might be on an IQ test, developed by Dr. Abbie Salny, former Supervisory Psychologist for American Mensa. Then tell us in the comments section whether you are Mensa material (if you got 7-8 correct, consider yourself qualified!)– and explore some more over at Mensa for Kids


  1. Tabitha

    My name is in a question! LIT

  2. Austyn M

    I got 1/8 lol

  3. Tray

    Im A G.O.A.T Greatest of all time I got 8/8

  4. domonic

    i’m glad i pass your iq test thank you for that

  5. Amy

    Got 8/8 in 5th grade

    • Ryan Hays

      Me too!!

    • Tray

      me to

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