Quiz: Little-Known Facts About Famous Painters

By Abbey Tiderman 01.09.2017 interact

What comes to mind when you hear the name Vincent van Gogh? Is it those bright blue and gold brush strokes streaking across the sky in his famous painting Starry Night? Mental illness and the tragic end to his life? Having painted 800 canvases over his career, there’s a lot more to learn—and love—about this one-of-a kind genius, as highlighted in the new film Loving Vincent.

To learn more interesting facts about Van Gogh and to test your art trivia knowledge about other famous painters, take the quiz below! Then tell us in the comments section about your favorite painter or work of art!

Know who’s who in art history? Take the quiz.


  1. Gabi

    I feel that painting is really fun.

  2. AIDAN

    i LIKE painting . Painting is fun.

  3. Anna

    The MoMA is cool place.

    • Holden

      I can’t wait to see one of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting’s in person

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