Read an Excerpt from Keke Palmer’s Book “I Don’t Belong to You”

Posted on: 05.01.2017 in interact


  1. Banza tchikala

    I’m african and i’m proud to be african kids at my school make fun of me because of that just a little note for ya’ll find yourself stop hurting other peoples feelings just to feel better about yourselves.

  2. Banza tchikala

    hi my name is banza, i really enjoyed this book or story i think that it is really interesting.

  3. josie

    i luv it

  4. caden palmer

    hi hi hi hi hi hi i hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi i like channel one and the book seems good

  5. Jessamine

    I love the Emojis }i{

  6. James

    I agree everybody should come and talk

  7. chloe

    I love this already and i go thorough this already. I’m already 12 and i’m going through this.

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