Reducing Food Waste:
What Schools Can Do

By Tonka Dobreva 01.26.2017 interact

The United States Department of Agriculture Research Service estimates that, in 2010, 31 percent, or 133 billion pounds, of food available for consumption at the retail and consumer levels in the United States went uneaten! Two-thirds of this 133-billion-pound loss occurred in homes and restaurants and one-third occurred in grocery stores and other food retailers.

The top 3 foods that we throw away the most are dairy products, vegetables and grain products — combined, they make up half of the food loss in terms of weight.

There are many ways to reduce food loss, like improving storage options and trucks to transport food to markets, improvements in food packaging and more efficient food inventory management in retail stores and restaurants. Schools, too, can make an impact and reduce the amount of food that they throw away.

Learn more about food waste and how schools are taking action — check out the infographic below (click on the image to expand):


Source: The United States Department of Agriculture 


  1. Jack S

    i think us kid should be taught about the importance of proper nutrition while we are young so we can avoid problems malnutrition causes later in our lifes.

  2. Addie R

    I think the schools should really consider what they put on student’s plates. Part of the reason so much is wasted is because the school doesn’t give us good food. If the staff won’t eat it than why would the students eat it?

  3. alexis c.

    schools can take the left over food and give it to a shelter or have a compost pile.

    • dustin johnson

      formal because they need it soo much more than we do

  4. Savage Queen

    I think we should all just learn how to be thankful for what we have on our plate and eat every last bite and think about what we are wasting and how it could go to the poor, homeless, orphanages, and donations!

  5. Peyton Moore

    why we got to waste it why not give it to the people who need it more..# we can loss weight and put more on them

  6. Jared.romang

    I think they should give students less food so they don,t end up wasting food

    • Miranda

      They force us to get a fruit/veggie even though anyone who doesn’t grab one won’t eat it if you force us to get it almost everyone throws it anyway once we start walking to our table.

    • Alex

      give us less food that dumb some of us actually eat the food so give us less food will make us hungry after lunch.

  7. Jesus Banda

    I think schools should get more food choices if you want more then then they should just go and ask for more.

  8. Ms. Rivera's Class

    Instead of wasting food, we should donate it to those in need.

  9. Abbi Parker

    I think that the schools should have many different food choices and the kids can pick from.

  10. Mackenzie Tipton

    They should give the students less food and if they are tell hungry they can give them more. 🙂

  11. katie gaither

    I thank schools should make it a lot taster then we may eat it.

  12. connor

    it would be nice if people would stop wasting food

  13. Gracie Moore

    i think the food isn’t being wasted, because the food has bad spots on it and somebody could get it is dangerous.

  14. Gracie Moore

    i think the food isn’t being wasted, because the food has bad spots on it and somebody could get it is dangerous.

  15. Abbie Adams

    I think that it is a very good idea to try and save food that is being wasted because there are children that are starving and don’t have food to eat like we do. So we need to make sure that just because a fruit or a veggie isnt perfect doesn’t mean that it does’t make it taste any different

  16. Katy Brooke E.

    I think they shouldn’t waist perfectly good food. Also I think somebody should do something about it.

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