Remembering Auschwitz

By Tonka Dobreva 01.27.2015 interact

Seventy years ago, one of the darkest chapters in human civilization came to an end. On January 27, 1945, operations finally ceased at the Nazi Germany extermination camp, Auschwitz, where over one million innocent men, women and children were systematically gassed to death.

Thirty-seven miles south of Krakow, Poland, horrific evidence of genocide was discovered as Soviet Union Troops arrived to liberate the remaining 7,000 Auschwitz prisoners. They found emaciated survivors and stacks of lifeless bodies, each branded with an ID number on their arm. There were imposing watchtowers recently abandoned by Nazi SS officers, overlooking rows and rows of harsh barracks, coils of barbed wire, gas chambers and crematorium chimneys still filled with fresh ash.

Citing racial superiority, Hitler and the Nazi regime planted and nurtured the seeds of fundamental hatred against Jews, and built the massive death camps at Auschwitz to experiment with, and carry out, ways to eliminate them from Europe and beyond.

Humanity, however, persevered over the Holocaust. Today, 70 years later, Auschwitz survivors thriving across the globe look back on their liberation, remember what happened there, and honor family and friends that were lost.

We take a look back at the history of Auschwitz with our interactive timeline below:


  1. Alexia.X

    I think the Holocaust is really unfair to the Jews.The have being killed for no reason.They can have their family and a happiness life.But they have been judged and killed just because Nazis doesn’t like the Jews and he has much more power,so a lot Jews has been killed.He should be ashamed what he has done.

  2. Juan Carlos p

    The nazis were people that were lead by Hitler. I think they didn’t have hearts. They kill many people just because they were jewish. That’s actually heartless Hitler shouldn’t done that.Jewish people that survive were heroes.

  3. Ricky D

    I feel like the holacaust was just a waste of time. All of this happened just because “one” person thought that jews were the reason to all problems. Adolf Hitler if i am correct wanted to be a painter. How come someone at first so nice and calm can become so mean, aggravating, fatal. Atleast America helped these poor people that were getting starved, tortured, experimented on, and killed. War’s are sometimes happy at the end and this one was when everyone got liberated. Holocaust should’ve just been a war but instead massacre of inis ant people.

  4. Nicolás P. Q.

    These stories are important to remember because it shows how difficult life was at this time of period. We also need to remember this like this there won’t be a third World War. This time of period is very important in peoples lives. The people who were liberated, but not the rest of the family, must have been sad, even more if it was a child and it had no where to go. My great grandmother was also part of the holocaust, but survived to Auschwitz. This storie made me feel really depressed of thinking of how difficult the situations were at this time of period.

  5. Dylan G.

    I think It is very important that everyone knows what the Holocaust was and how it affected our history. It is a very big turning point in our history, and how it affected everyone’s thoughts about the people living on Earth that are the same as them. Millions of people died during the Holocaust, it was one of the worst times in our history and how it changed our world was horrible, and it will stay that way forever.

  6. Damian S.

    I Know that the holocaust is an important part of history and in many peoples lives. I think what hitler did was very Racist and cruel. I think that the holocaust was a very tragic time period but also the assassination of many family members is still rembered by elders.

  7. Francesca.L

    This article makes me extremely sad because the poor innocent Jews had to suffer for a long time. It is so depressing that over a million Jews had been killed In concentration camps, and its not fair that people are judged on how they look or there race. It makes me happy that America would care to set the Jews and other mistreated people out of the concentration camps in 1945, it makes me fell that American can accomplish anything to help make the world a better place. I hope that nothing that terrible would happen again in the world, It is sometimes good to remember that time were people had to suffer and not to do anything like that war.

  8. Lucas Q

    I think that it is not right that the concentration camp killed people or not over their eye color. IO feel happy for the people who escaped or was led out of the concentration camp. I feel bad for the innocent people who got killed over their eye color.

  9. Isabella O

    I believe that the holocaust is a powerful part of history that affected more than 4 billion jews. I think Hitler’s idea of a perfect race is a horrendous idea because everybody is unique in their way and no one should be treated differently for their race or looks. I strongly disagree with Hitler for killing innocent people. I also think that the Nazis should have at least tried to help the poor jews suffering. This brings tears to my eyes just thinking about this horrible situation. Just thinking of all the people who lost their freedom for being a jew is a nightmare. I desire that this will never happen again.

  10. quin162

    I think that The concentrating camps are worthless because it just makes people suffer and die. It isn’t right that they kill people if their eye color is different because that doesn’t matter at all. I feel happy for the people who either escaped or was led out of the concentration camp.

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