Resistance: Book One by Carla Jablonski & Leland Purvis

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Paul Tessier, Marie Tessier and Henri Levy are ordinary kids growing up in an extraordinary time. Paul, his mischievous little sister Marie, and his best friend Henri, live on a vineyard in southern France during World War II. Though their lives are changed by the war, they are oblivious to the true horrors of their Nazi-occupied country until tragedy strikes their village.

Henri, whose family is Jewish, discovers that his parents are kidnapped by German soldiers. Forced into hiding, Henri secretly lives in Tessier family wine cellar to avoid Nazi soldiers who patrol the village. With their lives turned completely upside down, Paul and Marie pledge to help their friend seek justice by joining a secret group called the Resistance.

When it seems as though all hope is lost, Henri receives a secret message from the Resistance about the fate of his parents and is unable to remain in hiding any longer. Henri becomes determined to find his parents by traveling to Paris, the most heavily Nazi-occupied zone in France. With the help of their older sister Sylvie — forged travel visas, secret codes and blonde hair dye — Paul and Marie embark with Henri on his treacherous journey in hopes of reuniting him with his parents, and returning back home alive.

Resistance: Book 1 is the first volume of the three graphic novels in this series by author Carla Jablonski and illustrator Leland Purvis.

About the Author

Carla Jablonski is the celebrated author of several fictional sci-fi and fantasy books for young adults. Some of her other works include The Book of Magic series, Thicker Than Water, and Charmed: The Gypsy Enchantment. After earning an MA at NYU’s Gallatin School, Jablonski quickly became involved in the book industry as well as acting, teaching and the art of trapeze. Many of her books have been published worldwide and translated into several different languages. A New York native, Jablonski lives in Brooklyn where she continues to write.

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