8 Tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

By ch1c0nta@ctus 12.14.2017 interact

Does this happen to you?

Every year you make at least one resolution that you just know will make you a better person. And every year, around the third week of January, you’ve completely forgotten what it was and have lapsed back into a bad habit?

Not in 2018! We’ve put together a list of tips to help you make the most of your New Year’s resolutions. It’s time to kick those bad habits for good!

1. Add a Good Habit

For example, instead of swearing off sugary soda, resolve to start drinking at least two glasses of water a day — which will help you curb your soda cravings.

2. Tell Someone

Telling a friend or family member will help you keep your resolution because you won’t want to admit to someone else you’ve slipped. This works especially well if you choose someone whose opinion you value.

3. Start Small

Avoid resolving to start working out five days a week for an hour a day. Start with something smaller — like walking to school three times a week — and you’ll be more likely to pull it off.

4. Write Down Your Goals

Making a note to yourself about your goal or resolution, and putting it somewhere you’ll see it often (taped above your bed, maybe?) will help you keep your eyes on the prize.

5. Reward Yourself

Are you trying to learn to play the piano? Let yourself have a treat when you master ‘Chopsticks’ and you’ll be encouraged to move on to Chopin.

5. Recruit a Friend

Teaming up with a friend for a similar resolution can give the motivation you need to succeed. Because after all, Rock Band is waaay more fun when you’re playing with an actual ‘band.’

6. Keep It Simple

If you shoot for the moon you might find yourself feeling discouraged. But if you want to stop biting your nails, taking it one finger at a time might just work.

7. Commit to 21 Days

Some say it takes 21 days for people to establish a new habit or break an old one. So try to give your New Year’s resolution three full weeks before throwing in the towel…you might find you can’t quit!

8. One Step at a Time

Looking to perfect your pool moves? Focus on one thing — the break, for example — and perfect that before moving on to nailing kick shots. By taking steps toward a larger goal, you’ll get to enjoy more successes and increase your chances of accomplishing everything you set out to do this year.


  1. peter

    I think that 2017 will be much more fun than 2018 will be a New World year and more exciting more relaxing than 2017. And Everyone will much more fun in 2018. And Everybody fun great time than last year and relaxing than much more wonderful year and Every one will have a Great aluem

  2. Madelyn

    Finish learning German

  3. Gabe

    This year im going to keep my grades up.

  4. Taylor Hyman

    My goal is to make good grades and to follow my destiny

  5. Marquin Greene

    this year mine is to MAKE my first song

  6. Arin Kumar

    Me too!

  7. Arin Kumar

    My new year’s resolution is to listen more in Math clsss and read more books

  8. james

    no I did not know leve me alon

  9. Jahayla josey

    My new years resolution is to do better in school by getting better grades

  10. Waldo Emerzon

    It is best to remember how to count up to ten.

    • Samuel

      so right dude.

  11. Alan-Thomas

    My resolution this year is to get my grades up and to help more and more people that have problems in their life

  12. Peyton

    Hi, my New Years resolution is to eat more healthy and to be more kind to my sister

  13. kaily

    last year i wanted to get along with my mom more but i never worked so i never made one this year. i just am not able to keep them

  14. destinyplamondon

    I want to help people that have been bullied or hurt and people that have a disability and also people that are having to go through hunger starvation and poor and they have no shelter. This year I don’t want my resolution to be about me, but about other people that need my help. 🙂

    • kaily

      thats cool destiny

    • LittleMissNoName

      That’s something I want to do, destinyplamondon. 😀

  15. Erin

    I want to bring up my grades

  16. Jack

    I want to be kinder than I have to be!

    • james

      me to

  17. Hannah

    This year I really want to help myself by working more on my music too be better then always!

    • Bob

      Me too!

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