Safest Used Cars for Teens

By Tonka Dobreva 10.02.2015 interact

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released a report listing the best used vehicle recommendations for teen drivers. According to IIHS, parents should consider the following 3 key things when choosing a car for their teens:

  • Avoiding cars with high horsepower, because the temptation to test the limits of a powerful engine is too hard for many teens to resist
  •  Bigger, heavier vehicles are safer 
  • Electronic stability control, which helps a driver maintain control on curves and slippery roads, is a must.

car2-2Best Choices

Here are some of the best choices of cars for teenagers. You can see the full report here.

In the large cars category, the top 5 vehicles are:

Volvo S80   2007 and later $5,800
Ford Taurus   2010 and later $10,900
Buick LaCrosse   2010 and later $11,300
Buick Regal   2011 and later $11,500
Lincoln MKS   2009 and later $12,300

car3In the midsize cars category, the leading makes are:

Volkswagen Jetta sedan and wagon  2009 and later $5,600
 Volvo C30  2008 and later $7,000
 Volkswagen Passat sedan  2009 and later $7,300
 Ford Fusion  2010 and later; built after April 2010; 2010 Fusions built before May meet “good choice” criteria $7,400
 Mercury Milan  2010-11; built after April 2010; 2010 Milans built before May meet “good choice” criteria $7,400

And in the small SUVs category, the winners are:

Honda Element  2007-11 $6,700
Volkswagen Tiguan  2009 and later $7,900
Subaru Forester  2009 and later $9,000
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport  2011 and later $9,300
Hyundai Tucson  2010 and later $10,400


  1. King Billy

    Well these cars are okay. See when I was 16 I got a 2006 Porsche 911 GtS 3. I did not buy it new but how ever it was still expesnive. How I got it was work ing so hard my junior year to get. My Dads friend Conor Cook a rich multi- millionaire did help me out.

  2. coloughlin1219

    i love Volkswagen

    • Ryan

      Fords are better

  3. coloughlin1219

    Yay! Volkswagen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mallory

    I think that whatever your parents pick put for you is the best thing you should go with. they would know what is safe for you.

  5. saniya

    I think teens should feel free to drive in anything they want to unless they really know how to drive and pay attention to the road.

  6. ember-marie

    well i like speed so no thank you

  7. Gavin

    Any Jeep Wranglers?

  8. wesleyglover

    where are the Chevy at news

  9. Jacob Taylor

    Get a older larger car, as the technology features would get them distracted, but still have airbags and safety features

  10. jarod rogers

    you forgot the dodge avenger and the chrysler 300 and 200 and the sebring

  11. pedro123aye

    i am going to get one when im old enough

    • King Billy

      Okay but Im going to get a lamborghini

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