Salute to the Class of 2016: A Look Back at the Major News Stories of This Generation

By Tonka Dobreva 05.23.2016 interact

It’s this time of year — graduation! From President Clinton’s impeachment, to the attacks of 9/11, to the birth and rise of of iPhone– Channel One News takes a look back at the major news stories of this generation. Here’s a salute to the Class of 2016!


  1. A'Niya Gibson

    Hello, I just want to say I really love you guys! I watch your shows all the time and I enjoy every single one of the stories! I really love this video, especially the song. Do you think you can tell me what the name is? Thank you.

  2. Charissa Shi

    Hi. I really like this song. Can you tell me the name of it?

    Thank you.

  3. Dorian Evans

    Thank you Channel One News!! The content you deliver on a daily basis often times provides the connection to the real world that is so essential in making our lessons relevant. Moreover, the well produced segments lend to deeper and sometimes more personal connections to the curriculum thus inspiring learning to continue beyond the scheduled class.
    And if that was not fabulous enough, you guys go and create the video recapping so many major events that have already occurred for the Class of 2016. The students were so captivated and wowed. Channel One News should be a Common Core standard. Channel One News, thank you!!!!!!

  4. Gus Rodman

    What’s the name of the song?

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