SAT Survival Guide

By ch1c0nta@ctus 09.04.2015 interact

Freaked out about taking the SAT? No need to be. Two test prep teachers– one from Kaplan and one from the Princeton Review– agreed to share their secrets, under the condition that they remain anonymous. We’ll call our informers “Woodward” and “Bernstein.”

With their strategies and a few sharp #2s, you’re sure to do better whether you’ve got one year, one month or just one week to get ready. Just take our tiny test to start the prep process.


  1. Rachael Heap

    My name is Rachael Heap I’m only 12 years old but the years go by faster as you age. Considering how I’m in Jr. high I decided to take a look at what I might want to be how many tears in college it will take, and what I have to do and learn to achieve that goal. I don’t plan on pushing myself past my limit but I do plan on getting a reasonable head start. The children who are in my age group are going to be running the country some day and raising other children for the next generation so they can run the country in the future. I think it’s very important that we start making decisions on how to get “there” instead of wishing or hoping we could get “there”.

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