Quiz: Science Myth Busters

By ch1c0nta@ctus 05.19.2015 interact

Science can be baffling.Take our science quiz below and find out, are black holes really black? Can animals predict natural disasters? Is yawning contagious? We’ve got the answers to these and other strange science myths.

Sources: National Geographic; LiveScience.com; Space.com; PBS; Mayo Clinic; FEMA; NASA; DOE


  1. xXPhIlEyDoPeXx

    Bottle flipping is banned in some parts in my town

  2. Ava B

    I feel smarter already!!!!!!! Im think Im using 20% of my brain!!!!!!!

  3. Emma Castro

    i did this in class and got 100 so thanks channel one for realizing you are making this show for kids not brainiacts

  4. haylei gillespie

    no humans use more than 10% of there brain no matter what your doing your brain is still working every day even while playing Xbox or sleeping!

    • Emma Castro

      yes i do agree with you i didn’t even have to think about this question so its a myth

  5. haylei gillespie

    yes humans use only 10% of our brain but…….I wonder were the rest goes?

  6. Caitlin

    Im ok 🙂 🙁

  7. sean maxwell

    i did this in class and we made an 80 but when i did it at home i made a 100

  8. John

    Yawning is NOT contagious. The reason it seems like that is because the people around you are in the same environment that you are and you yawn to cool down your brain. That is why it seems contagious.

    • Mermaidshell

      Actually it is contagious, because when you see a person yawning, it triggers an empathetic reaction, causing you to yawn.

  9. kefgsdjklgds


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