Infographic: Selfie Safety

By Tonka Dobreva 02.24.2015 interact

Sure, seflies are fun. And some may even call it art. A London college, for example, is offering a course on taking the perfect selfie — or, as they call it “self portraiture.” But there’s more to selfies than just pouting your lips and pressing that button. A company that develops products enabling parents to keep up with their children’s digital lives has put together this interesting infographic — take a look and learn more about our contemporary selfie culture and how to snap away safely.


  1. 2013-9-18-Lee-Fritz

    My students and I had a great conversation about inventions after watching the report on the selfie stick. We decided to use the stick in 1st period.

  2. Tomas Davalos

    Selfies are sure fun but also dangerous because it can cause death. When you take a selfie at a place dangerous can be seriously injured. If you to save the moment be safe by not using a cellphone will driving.

  3. Tomas Davalos

    I think selfies are fun of course because you get to save a farivet moment in were you were but people should take care of the selfs think it over.Selfies are some times dangerous because some times let’s say they distract you from doing what you were doing.

  4. trey1234

    I say that selfis are able to give a update like if haven’t seen a good friend in a long time, a selifie can tell you

  5. Winnie

    I am 12 years old and I have one! they aren’t actually that bad! I mean I don’t take it everywhere I go, I am not obsessed with selfies. its fun to have at parties because my friends and I have short arms and cant get everyone in. I surely recommend the selfie stick for parties not the public.

  6. Dylan G.

    I think taking selfies could be very fun and addicting, but could also be a large threat to peoples lives. People could die from not paying attention of what their doing taking a selfie, they don’t pay attention to whats going on around them and anything can happen. Even with the invention of the selfie stick, people think it is so much easier to take selfies, but it is only a greater threat to their lives, with the invention people believe that it is so much easier, but it is only putting them in more danger.

  7. Bruno Rebessi

    I think that selfies are a good and bad thing. If selfies are a good and fast way to take pictures with friends and other things, then I think they should be used more often. However, selfies can also be a bad thing, they are a bad thing because they can interrupt people’s lives. An example of this is the museum owner, if I was the museum owner I would have banned selfie sticks as well because there is a high percentage that these artifacts could get hit. On the other hand selfies are a positive thing because they are an easy and fast way of taking pictures and creating memories.

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