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Though you probably cannot even say the word “sexting” without giggling — the trend of sending sexual content from a cell phone is a serious problem. We’re talking, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to jail — and the registered sex offender list. They’ll put your name, photo and crime — sometimes even if you’re still a minor — on your neighborhood’s list of predators.

And that’s just what the government can do, we’re sure you can imagine how some of the crueler kids at school might react.

The fact is, by sending sexually suggestive photos or messages, you, the sender, or the person who receives the message could be fined, charged with possession of child pornography or even sent to prison.

Get the facts below. Your future, reputation and self-respect are at stake.


What it is and why you shouldn’t do it.


  1. sean hester

    I like di**

    • Sean Ryan

      Do you want mine m8

  2. Kila Santi

    Sexting is totally wrong. Why would you even do it? Not only is it stupid but if to many people see it your gonna wind being bullied. Being bullied is no fun. Plus sexting can lead to other things that your boyfriend/girlfriend may want to do. Puls it might come back to haunt you when your trying to get a job. Somehow the employer might just have what you were sexting about. My point is don’t do it.

    • Riya

      uhh… what if that person, says its private? and what if that person does not send to anyone! does that still count as sexting? (confused?)

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