‘Sit With Us’ App Helps Students Make Friends During Lunchtime

By Tonka Dobreva 10.13.2016 interact

For some students, tests and exams are the hardest part of their school day. But for many, it’s lunchtime that they dread the most! Imagine you are new at school and don’t know many people. Or you tend to be more introverted and uncomfortable approaching people and striking a conversation.

Sixteen-year-old Natalie Hampton was experiencing these same challenges in junior high school. She sat alone at lunchtime during her first two years and felt rejection and embarrassment. More than the discomfort of feeling isolated, Natalie also experienced bullying — including physical attacks.

Natalie wanted to find a solution and help other kids like her find a way to integrate and make friends, so she launched the Sit With Us app. The goal of the app is to create kinder, more inclusive communities at schools.

Sit With Us is free to download and easy to use:

  1. Sign in with your Facebook account or your email
  2. Volunteer to become an Ambassador for your school lunch table — if you choose to become an Ambassador, you must pledge that you will accept anyone who tried to join your table and that you commit to making your school more inclusive
  3. Add friends and chat to coordinate lunch, post featured lunches for people to join or create your own lunch events
  4. If you are looking to meet new friends, you can search lunch events to join

We want to know about your experience– do you find it hard to make friends at lunchtime? Have you taken action to include others who are less comfortable socializing? Share in the comments section below!


  1. raeleigh read

    sine me up.

  2. Raegan

    I haven’t tried the app, but it seems like it would help students meet people they haven’t met before or actually get to know them. They could also get to know a new student through this app.

  3. Minnich

    If i was alone and have a app like that,I`d feel better because sometimes I need some one to my feelings with as a friend.

  4. Bailey Donoho

    Yes! I love the idea of this app because trying to become friends with someone is one of the hardest things at these ages. So if you have something like this app, it will make you feel more welcome!

  5. Olivia Fischer

    I think this is the next big thing. However, you can’t bring phones to school, because of the rules. So, how could this help you if you don’t have a phone with you?

  6. Mary-Sue


  7. 193002

    I’m a new kid often and what comes with that is the dreaded, lonely lunch period. I’ve been set up to sit with kids by the teachers and other staff members, but I feel very left out since the only reason I’m there is because the teachers told them to let me sit there. This app has a great goal, but I don’t think it’ll live long. Sure, it’s an interesting concept, but not every kid can use it. What if someone used up all their data and have no wifi service? What if the app is blocked by an unknowing school and you don’t have a VPN? What if you’re like me and you don’t even HAVE a phone? There are many faults to this and it seems to exclude the kids who can’t access the app.

  8. Audrey German

    I think that this app will spread around the world because a lot of people have different opinions about sitting by at lunch like how girls sit with girls and boys sit with boys so i think this is a awesome app

  9. Stephen

    I think it is a good way to help kids who are new to a school and a good way to make friends.

  10. Isaiah

    i think that it is the next big thing because it will help people make friends easier instead of sitting alone at lunch.

  11. Arrianna

    I would use this app to so people can sit with you

  12. Vanessa Caicedo

    Wow, this sounds great this can help kids whom are new or etchanged i knnow it will help a lot in my middle school thanks cahnnel one (;

    • amuel

      i think is a good idea

      • hayden

        Kind of

        • grace adams

          what i love this app 10/10 woohoo

  13. Bayleah Vogel

    Sitting alone is definitely not fun and sometimes adults can’t help. So seeing a teen my age help with that issue feels good because you can see that others can relate and actually care.


      you are totily right

  14. Morgan

    I would use the app because it prevents bullying I’m not gonna say it’s gonna stop it but it will lower the rate of bullying in schools ~Morgan~

  15. Dayson Strong

    I promise to follow the rules.

    • thomas jdt

      no one can promise that

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