Sleep Position Decoder

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Sleep Position Decoder

You don’t have to talk in your sleep to reveal your innermost secrets. According to British sleep researcher Chris Idzikowski, your sleep position matches your personality. What does yours say?


Shy and sensitive on the inside, gruff and tough on the outside-- that's what sleeping curled up on your side means, according to Idzikowski's findings. Most people in the study reported this to be their sleep position.


If you sleep on your back with your arms at your sides, Idzikowski says it means that you're quiet, reserved and always expect the best from yourself and others.


So you sleep like a log, eh? We're not talking about sawing wood, rather sleeping on your side with your arms down and your legs stretched out. Idzikowski says it means you like people and don't get worked up about little things.


If you sleep like this with your arms outstretched, you yearn for something more than just a good mummy impression. According to Idzikowski's study, it could mean that you're really suspicious and cynical.


If you fall into bed (and stay that way), flat on your stomach with your arms up near your head, it could mean that you're friendly and loud on the outside, but according to Idzikowski, inside you're afraid of what people think of you.


You're a star-- a star listener that is. Those who lay on their backs with their arms and legs akimbo are good at making friends. However, you don't always have to be the star of the show, says Idzikowski.

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