Quiz: Learn About the Smartest Robots in the World

By 09.19.2016 interact

Think robots are things of the future? Test your knowledge of all things robotic and find out how today’s bots are changing the way we live. Then, watch what technology experts and futurists have to say about robots taking over the world — and tell us in the comments what you think about that. 


  1. Mickey Mouse

    Oh boy! Robots are going to take over the world!

  2. Emily K.

    I don’t think robots are a good idea. They can misfunction and hurt the person they are “helping”.

  3. Litzy

    I think that robots are going out of control because more people are building more robots each day.

  4. Jasmine Mi

    Yes they can even might help find life on other planets that might take the robots shape that its familar with and don`t get frighten.

  5. jennessa

    i dont think robouts should take over the world becuze peploe would get lazzy

  6. kevin

    we need robots in the army and police and we be very protected and our life could be better

    • jennessa

      i think i dont want robots too take oer the world cuz then thair would be no more human life one earth and pepole would get lazzy and that is already happaning

      • emom ezam

        they will kill us all

    • Nathan Head

      I think you are right Kevin! Robotic soldiers and police officers would help people be safer because we wont risk a human’s life to stop someone/thing that is dangerous. BUT…that would also mean that people could lose their jobs in the army or on the police force to make room for the robots.

  7. C.R.75

    I got a 63.64% on my test maybe I should be a robot builder. 6th grader from Goldenrod

    • Dustin

      And I got 100% on my test lol

    • Baylie Becker

      I got a 100%! I’m a fifth grader.

  8. Elizabeth Dewitt

    Hi I’m in middle school and I think that if the person that is building it will have a good robot. I’m have built a robot but not what I watch I what to see that my self



  9. kyliecat14

    i got 100% but robots taking over? i dont know i really like the idea of doing stuff for myself. Plus isis we really need to watch ourselves

  10. kevin

    i made 72.73% oh mi god

    • maclaen

      so did I

  11. Boom Boss

    i think the robots might seem strange but the cleaning my room thing, i am all for

  12. Gage

    Stuff is getting cool nowa days and I’m only 10 years old im loven life these day

  13. Jeremy

    I think the robots seem a little creepy and will most likely not be able to do a lot until way in the futer but I also think that the one they were testing actually will be able to help just in a few places in the house.

  14. Alex

    I got a 100 percent

  15. Ryan DIckens

    guys i have a robot its name is mip…search it up and check it out…but anyways i got 81.82% i was bad…hahahaha

    • Nathan Head

      MiP: your new robotic friend! I’ve wanted a MiP robot ever since I first saw the commercial for one! But I think I would rather have Cozmo more! Here is a link for a commercial for Cozmo if you never heard of him


  16. Jordan Langston

    I do not know about the robots. I watched the movie I,Robot and I believe if we use robots now, in 2035 like the movie, we will be living with robots walking around saying ” Do you help sir or mam”. And when Will Smith was driving he was attacked in the car and the robots were saying ”You are experiencing a car accident”. I don’t want that situation to happen.

  17. kmiller21

    i think that this should be a real thing in stock/in stores

  18. Calista

    I got a 45.

  19. Sierra

    My best score is 90.91%, and got 10 questions right

    • Gage


  20. brianna

    Now i know your the news but why is Isis trying to kill you guys should get background info well i want to be prepared just in case it spreads . You guys are good at the news but i just want to learn about the situation .

    • brianna

      Sorry computer isn’t a worker but why is Isis trying to get on others there charging people to fear.

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