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By Abbey Tiderman 01.11.2016 interact


Are you a PC person or lean more toward Macs? No matter your operation system allegiance, if you’re into computers, apps and user-friendly digital experiences, you may want to consider taking a “byte” out of a career as a software engineer.

Behind every convenient computer program, or game and awesome app across your tablet and smart phone’s screen, there’s a tech-savvy software engineer. They developed your Snapchat, Spotify and Periscope apps, for example, and are also responsible for ensuring updates and new features roll out smoothly for users.

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Software engineers do more than invent and create cool entertainment products though. Their work can also solve problems and improve lives. They’ve developed apps that give a voice to those who have trouble communicating verbally, for instance, and ones that help homeless families locate local food, shelter and healthcare centers. There are apps that guide us in making more socially responsible decisions everyday too, like telling us what ocean-friendly fish is available at the grocery store or which clothing brands have not used child or forced labor in production.

But wait, it gets even better. The job outlook for software engineers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is growing at a faster-than-average pace and the median annual wage in 2014 was $97,990. Not bad, right?

To learn more about software engineers and how you can become one, check out the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


  1. Conor

    I love technology. It’s so amazing and I hope to be a game designer some day. Technology ROCKS!

  2. Conor

    I love technology. It’s so amazing and I hope to be a game designer some day.

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    It was very interesting,

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    software engineers have alot of good information

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    Wow! This is amazing! I think it would be cool because you get to test the Hanes later on. Although, it’s not much money, this would not likely be what u would play.

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    Wow! This would be really cool! Whike, the money isn’t that much, it would still be a really cool thing to become.

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    Although it was very cool what they do that is not what i really want to do but i might have to try the game some time 🙂

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  11. Christian York

    A software engineer has many roles in game design. One of the major things is to make the content downloadable. This may take a wide variety of steps but doing this is as easy as they make it look.

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    This was one of the best topics u have talked about mostly because this is the stuff I do everyday

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