Space Junk

By ch1c0nta@ctus 06.20.2015 interact

When we think of outer space, we imagine a vast area. Despite the fact that Earth is a mere speck in the larger universe, the magnetic force surrounding our planet is cluttered with orbital debris. Broken satellites, nuts, bolts, metal and other junk from space craft circle around our planet and has caused damage to space shuttles and the International Space Station. Some space junk even falls down like meteors, hot balls of fire that strike the Earth.

How is NASA and the rest of the international space community dealing with space junk? Explore the problem and their tactics below.


  1. jason lam

    they should clean the space junk up

  2. Hayden Moss

    WOW that is cool!!!!!!

  3. Ross

    I got 100% because i’m more rossomer than you guys.

  4. hfgh

    Wow!!! WHO WILL CLEAN IT UP?????????????

    • stephanie

      I cant bleav they did not clean it up yet

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    Who isn’t nuts about space?

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